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JScale JSR 150

JScale JSR 150

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JSR 150
- 150g x 0.1g
MODES: G,OZ, 1/8 OZ , 1/4 OZ , OZT, DWT, GN, LB ,CT, OCS

With its unique hand formed patented design and multi function features the Jennings JScale JSR-150 is a great 150gram scale which comes with 0.1g accuracy. The Jennings JScale R-150 comes with jennings fantastic counting feature and a 20 year warranty.

• Improved Ergonomic Design

• Innovative spill-preventing and catching system

• Higher definition XL LCD display w/weighmeter

• Advanced hyper-overload protection

Calibration- JSR 150g requires 100g weight to calibrate

1) Place the scale on a flat, stable surface and turn it ON unit the LCD displays "0.0" or "0.00"

2)Press and hold the (M) key for 5 seconds unit the displays shows "CAL"- then release key

3)Press the (M) key again, the display will flash "100.00" or ("500.0g")

4) Gently place the weight(s) on the scale and wait 3 seconds. The display will show " PASS"

5)The scale goes back to weighing mode. Calibration is complete. Remove the weight and turn the scale off.

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